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Trellis Restaurant DINNER MENU



Soup of the day (cup) 9.50

Grilled polenta w/ shitake mushrooms & diced tomatoes 14.50

Bruschetta: diced tomatoes, garlic, basil & olive oil on toasted bread rounds 13.50

Fried calamari rings & tentacles w/ cocktail sauce 19.95

Carpaccio: thin sliced raw beef w/ diced red onions, capers, parmesan cheese

& mild Dijon mustard 17.00

Steamed Manila clams in a Provencal sauce & garlic toast points 22.95

Sautéed Prawns w/ garlic, white wine-lemon sauce & herbs 22.95



Mix green lettuces salad w/ citrus vinaigrette 10.00

Endive, beets, oranges & roasted red onion-vinaigrette 12.00

Caesar w/ romaine lettuce, garlic & parmesan-anchovy dressing 12.00

Apple & goat cheese w/ spring mix lettuces, soybeans, walnuts & lemon-pepper vinaigrette 12.50

Warm spinach w/ sautéed mushrooms, pancetta, red wine vinaigrette & toasted almonds 14.50



Capellini w/ fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil & extra virgin olive oil 20.95

Gnocchi Aurora: potato dumplings w/ tomato sauce & touch of cream 23.95

Penne Arrabiata w/ garlic, tomatoes, spicy tomato sauce & parsley 23.95

Rigatoni w/ sausage, bell peppers & spinach in a tomato-herb sauce 23.95

Fettucine Primavera w/ Shitake mushrooms, broccoli & peas in a tomato-herb sauce 23.95

Cannelloni: Two savory crepes filled w/ ground roasted veal & spinach in a tomato-Béchamel sauce w/ melted provolone cheese 28.95

Susan’s downfall (TM): cheese & herb raviolis w/ Gorgonzola cream sauce

& toasted almonds 27.95

Spaghetti w/ meatballs & marinara sauce 26.95

Fettuccine Carbonara w/ pancetta & peas in a cream sauce 27.95

Spaghetti Bolognese w/ ground beef sauce & homemade garlic bread 26.95

Spaghetti al pesto w/ chicken filets, sun-dried tomatoes & pine nuts 27.95

Linguini w/ Manila clams, garlic, white wine-lemon sauce & herbs 30.95

Fettuccine w/ Prawns, green onions, tomatoes & extra virgin olive oil 34.00

Capellini w/ pan-seared jumbo sea scallops, fresh tomatoes, roasted garlic, green onions, basil & extra virgin olive oil 45.00



Chicken Picatta w/ lemon-caper sauce & polenta 25.95

Chicken Parmigiana w/ roasted garlic, linguini, olive oil & vegetables 27.95

Braised Beef Bourguignon w/ potato puree & pearl onions 30.95

Vitello ala Parmigiana w/ garlic linguini & extra virgin olive oil 36.00

Scaloppini of Veal w/ a lemon-caper sauce, potato puree & vegetables 35.00

Sautéed Tiger Prawns w/ bordelaise sauce, sautéed spinach & orzo 34.00

Grilled Salmon w/ a white wine sun-dried tomatoes sauce & orzo 34.00

Chef’s saffron risotto w/ chicken filets, sausage, clams, prawns, scallops, peas & herbs 41.00

Roasted boneless Sonoma Duck breast w/ an orange-thyme sauce,

grilled polenta & vegetables 39.50

Pan-seared Sea Scallops w/ a Provencal sauce, vegetables & orzo 45.00

Char-broiled Lamb chops w/ a Merlot wine sauce & potato puree 39.00

Steak au poivre: two medallions of filet mignon (8oz) w/ cracked black peppercorns crust, brandy-cream sauce & gratin potatoes 45.00

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