Trellis Restaurant Lunch Menu


Soup of today: Cup 7.0                                                                                              

Grilled polenta w/ sautéed wild mushrooms & diced tomatoes 10.50                            

Asparagus & wild mushrooms sauté 15.95                                                                   

Fried peppered calamari steak strings, served w/ lemon aioli 15.95                                  

Carpaccio-sliced raw beef w/onions, capers, parmesan cheese & Dijon 12.50

Sautéed prawns bordelaise w/ garlic & white wine-lemon sauce 16.95         



Mix green lettuces salad w/ citrus vinaigrette 8.00                                                            

Endive salad w/ orange, beets & roasted red onion vinaigrette 9.50                                 

Caesar w/ romaine lettuce, garlic, parmesan-anchovy dressing & croutons 11.00  

Apple & Goat cheese w/ spring mix lettuces, soybeans, walnuts

& lemon-pepper vinaigrette 11.00                                                                         

Warm spinach w/ mushrooms, pancetta, red wine vinaigrette & almonds   12.00                                                                                                          

Sandwich & Salad Entrees

Chicken sandwich w/ roasted bell pepper, tomatoes, lettuce, provolone cheese

& garlic fries 15.95                                                                                                                  

Grilled marinated chicken fillets w/ sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms & spring mix lettuces w/ citrus vinaigrette 17.95                                                                                                 

Smoked Duck breast w/ mix spring lettuces, apple, walnuts, red onions & citrus vinaigrette 17.95

Avocado & bay shrimps salad w/ hearts of palm, mix green lettuces, tomatoes

& citrus vinaigrette 19.95                                                                                              

Caesar salad w/ grilled blackened Salmon, tomatoes & croutons 27.95                                                

Insalata Caprese: fresh Mozzarella cheese & basil on tomato rounds w/ spring mix lettuces, citrus vinaigrette & pan-seared Sea Scallops 27.95        



Cappellini w/ fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil & extra virgin olive oil 16.95                          

Gnocchi Aurora: potato dumplings in a tomato sauce w/ touch of cream 17.95                 

Penne Arrabiata w/ tomatoes, garlic, spicy tomato sauce & parsley 17.95

Rigatoni w/ sausage, bell peppers & spinach in a tomato-herb sauce 18.95    

Penne w/ shitake mushrooms, broccoli & peas in a tomato-herbs sauce 18.95

Cannelloni- two savory crepes filled w/ ground roasted veal & spinach, served in a tomato-Béchamel sauce w/ melted provolone cheese 21.95                                         

Spaghetti al pesto w/ chicken filets, sundried tomatoes & pine nuts 21.95            

Spaghetti w/ meatballs & marinara sauce 22.95

Fettuccine Carbonara w/ pancetta & peas in a cream-cheese sauce 21.95         

Spaghetti Bolognese: ground beef meat sauce & homemade garlic bread   21.95   

Susan’s downfall:  cheese raviolis w/a gorgonzola-cream sauce

& toasted almonds 23.95                                                                                             

Linguini w/ fresh manila clams, garlic, white wine-lemon sauce & herbs   23.95                

Fettuccine w/ sautéed prawns, green onions, tomatoes, garlic & olive oil   26.95                          



Eggplant parmigiana, served w/ garlic, linguini & olive oil 17.95                     

Risotto w/ shitake mushrooms, peas, sundried tomatoes & spinach 19.95                                      

Chicken scaloppini w/ a lemon-caper sauce & grilled polenta 19.95           

Breast of chicken Parmigiana w/ linguini, garlic & extra virgin olive oil 21.95                              

Grilled King Salmon w/ a white wine-sundried tomatoes sauce & orzo 27.95                                      

Scaloppini of veal w/ a lemon-caper sauce, potato puree & vegetables 27.95